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Bishop Creighton Academy

Handa's Surprise

There was a surprise for Handa in the story and also for Penguin Class this week. Read on to find out more...

Before we getting carried away in the craziness of Christmas, we have turned our focus to the beautiful story Handa's Surprise. This is about a girl called Handa who places seven different fruits in her basket and carries them to her friend Akeyo's house. On the journey some very cheeky animals help themselves, one by one, to the fruits! Handa is very surprised to find that her basket is full of tangerines by the time she reaches Akeyo's house rather than the variety of fruits that she started with! Click on the book cover to watch this animated version of the story to see the story unfold for yourself!

Many of the children have never seen a real pineapple or mango, avocado or passion fruit and were very curious as to what they looked, smelt and tasted like. As a surprise, the children had their very own fruit tasting session! It would seem that getting hold of a guava is very tricky and despite Mrs Baldock searching a few supermarkets, she was unable to find any. Despite this, the children were amazed at the beautiful colours and smells within the fruits. They looked closely at the skin of each fruit and noticed that they were all different.

The pineapple is all spiky and prickly. It's very bumpy and not very nice to touch.

Joshua A

The avocado is all wrinkly.


The monkey eats the banana. You got to peel the skin off it. The skin is flat and a bit shiny. 


Once the fruits were cut there was a great deal of excitement as to what was inside. The children were fascinated by the stones inside the mango and avocado.


The avocado stone is like a hard ball. It's big. I wonder how it gets in there?


The [mango] stone is flat. I think it's been squashed!

Joshua G

The children were very eager to taste the fruits. Pineapple and mango proved to be the most popular fruit in the class.


I like them oranges. They are a bit sour when I eat them. They make my mouth feel a bit funny!


The banana is my favourite. It's soft, but not squishy. I like eating them


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