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Bishop Creighton Academy

Kindness Week

This week, 12th-16th November, has been National Anti-Bullying week. In Penguin class we have been thinking of this more as "Kindness Week" and how to be a good friend to others.

Our week started off by talking about what kindness means to us and also thinking about ways in which we can be kind. We have sorted pictures according to whether they show kind or unkind acts.

We got to play nicely and share the toys


If people are not kind to me it makes me sad


We need to be nice to everyone and say kind things to each other


We have played lots of games this week which have involved turn taking and also helping each other.

Linked to our work on kindness, we have been exploring different emotions and how our face can show this by the expression we use. We have spent time looking at our faces in the mirror and trying to show happy, sad, angry, excited, shocked and cross faces. We then used playdough to recreate these expressions;



We have been talking about the importance of friendship. The children felt very strongly that it was very important to have friends in our lives;

My friends make me happy


I like playing games with my friends. If I didn't have friends I wouldn't have anyone to play with


I talk to my friends and tell them funny things!


We have made paper friendship dolls that are holding hands to help us understand the importance of friendship and sticking together during happy and sad times in our lives.

Using 2Paint on the iPads we have been drawing pictures of our friends and saying what we admire about them;

On Thursday it was 'Stop speak support' cyberbullying day. To support this we have read the story of Smartie the Penguin and talked about how to stay safe while online both at school and at home. All of the children now know to turn off their iPad, close their laptop or turn off their monitor and go and tell an adult straight away if they see anything that they don't like or they think they shouldn't be seeing.

Click here to see more photos of our work during our kindness week.