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Bishop Creighton Academy

Blink and you'll miss it!

Another week has flown by in Year 3SW! 

Another week has flown by in 3SW, but not without a whole host of learning opportunities. 

Our new topic continues to ignite the imagination of everyone involved. Julia provided the class with our WOW of the week by creating a brain and body model which she brought in for all to enjoy. We have been busy learning lots of new vocabulary relating to the bones and organs of the body.

If you want to support your child further in their learning, I recommend you visit the 'Kidshealth Website'. I cannot wait for next week's experiment on the digestive system, which will link together the uses of different organs perfectly. Pictures a must! Talking of pictures, on Wednesday we took part in our second fitness circuit. Once again, we recorded all of our results in order to map progression across the term. Click here to check out our cheesy grins through gritted teeth in our photo gallery! 

This week's Literacy has crescendoed with some expressive acting of our own predicted play scenes. Everything is now set to apply all of the skills we have acquired to write our very own play scripts. I would love to post some of our work this time next week! 

Finally, we capped off an exciting week by winning our first school 'Attendance of the week' award. What a great effort and difference it makes to our learning! We now must aim to win the award for this whole summer term, especially after seeing all of the fun 4KS had for winning last term Click here to view their photo gallery. 

Keep up the great work and enjoy your weekend!

Mr Williams