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Bishop Creighton Academy

Sports week

This week has been a week full of sports.

This week has been a week full of sports. On Monday children took part in sports day. The morning consisted of a range of events including, penalty shoot outs, aerobics, speed jump and javelin throws.

Here’s what the children had to say about it…

Didn - ‘We had to make sure we showed good sportsmanship’

Semar - Sports day was amazing because it was good to do the activities in the morning and not just races’

Maiwand -  ‘The races were nerve-racking but we all gave it our best shot’

For lunch we invited parents to come and have a picnic on the field. It was lovely to see so many families come and join in. The afternoon was all about the races. Year 5 had to dribble the football done the track. It’s harder than you think. We had a lot of football in the crowd. We were much better at the sprit, we have a lot of fast and competitive children in our class.

What a busy day it was! Take a look at our photo gallery. 

Then on Thursday we were lucky enough to spend the whole day at the lido. The weather started off cloudy and we thought we might have to cancel. Lucky for us Miss Greaves decided that the water would be warm enough and we walked over to the pool.  

Samuel - ‘It was very fun, however slightly exhausting towards the end.’

Kieran -  ‘I loved playing with the floats and other equipment in the water.’

Lewis -  ‘What a wonderful experience, how lucky to have something so good so close to us.’

Lovely end to a busy week, let’s hope we are not too sleepy to for our performance next week!