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Bishop Creighton Academy

Year 4 Become Composers

This week, class 4MD have had a special guest teacher - Mrs Thompson! They have spent their time studying music and composed their own songs!

On Thursday and Friday yr4MD worked with Mrs Thompson to become composers. We learnt about crotchets and quavers and how to write them on manuscript paper. After writing the different rhythms we clapped them in different groups against each other.
We split into small groups and wrote our own composition using 4 or 5 separate parts. Then it got very exciting as we got the percussion instruments out. After a lot of practice in our groups we finally performed to each other. On Friday morning we performed again to Mrs Metcalfe and year 2.
This is what some of the children said about their learning:-
“It was really fun” Cleona
“I was engaged in my learning” Lewis
“We used team work and we listened to each other” Dainora
“We helped each other” Berak
“The whole class supported each other” Kerri
“The music was really hard to play” Kieran.