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Bishop Creighton Academy

A trip into town!

This week, 4MD have been on a tour through town, identifying places that we like and dislike about where we live.

This week, class 4MD have been on a trip into the town centre to continue our work on our current topic. We have been looking at the environments in which we live, and focussing on how we can make living here better for everyone. To help us with this, we went for a walk around the city centre to find out what kinds of places we liked, which we didn't, and which we thought we could improve.
We started by heading to the market where we examined how the traders all had their own semi-permanent places to sell their items. We liked the atmostphere of the place, particularly as we were outside the food court where lots of different cusines from different cultures could be smelled cooking and music from all over the globe could be heard. We decided that this was a good feature for Peterborough to have, and decided that if we could, we would make this bigger.
Moving on, we walked through the cathederal grounds. Having been here a few weeks before as part of the Heritage Festival, we knew about how useful the area around the catherderal was for local events. We did however pick up that there was a distinct lack of places for people to sit - it had been raining that day and some of the class felt that some benches would be a nice addition to stop people from having to sit on the muddy ground.
We then made our way to the centre of Peterborough and the Guild Hall. In times gone by this would have been the centre of a thriving market. Today, it forms a meeting place in the centre of town, and lots of people use this area to meet up with friends. We liked that the Guild Hall gave people a place to meet, but also noted that there was a lot of rubbish that had been left around, with no bins in sight! Maybe some extra bins around would have helped to tidy the place up a little!
Overall, we had a good time, and learned a lot about how we feel about the environment around us. Some great suggestions were made about how we can make Peterborough an even better place to live, and over the coming weeks we will be doing more work in class on refining our ideas and making real suggestions.