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Bishop Creighton Academy

How can we make living here better for everyone?

As we make inroads into our last topic of this year, we explore towns, cities and the people and places that make them work.

I can't believe it's here already but we've reached the last topic of the year! This time, we're studying "How can we make living here better for everybody?". This topic is all about our local area, combining history and Geography into an exploration of Peterborough. Has it always looked like this? How long have humans lived here? Why do people come to Peterborough? We'll be answering these questions and more as we progress!

Our topic began by looking at "Window" by Jeannie Baker. A series of still images, we watch as the landscape outside of a window changes over time. As the child in the photo grows older, more and more features of human geography start to appear, with trees and meadows slowly being replaced by shops and roads. We get to see a town growing before our very eyes, something that often goes unnoticed.

As the topic progresses we will begin to consider how we can change the environment we live in. What is it like now? oHow can we make it a better place? We aim to look closely at the places we live and work in, and suggest ways that we can change them to make them better for everybody.

If you're interested in change over time and would like to know more, the Google "Earth Engine" project is a great place to start. Click the link and pick a place on the map (perhaps your hometown) to watch it grow over a period of over 30 years!