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Bishop Creighton Academy

The Secret Life of Bugs

Just before half-term ended, class 4MD were given an expert insight into the secret goings-on of bugs. They're closer than you think!

At the end of last term, we missed being able to share with you one of our nicest events to date. To celebrate the coming of summer (it really was sunny!) class 4MD went out into the school grounds on a bug hunt!

To round off our bugs topic, we went to learn all about the insects that can be found all around us - what they do, where they live and most of all why they are important. We saw bees buzzing around, we saw slugs hiding from the sunshine and we saw aphids hiding under leaves. The more we looked, the more we found! As we uncovered all of the secret hidey-holes that bugs seem to enjoy inhabiting, we found all sorts right under our very noses. All of 4MD were amazed by the amount of life that is going on all around us. Next time you are in the park or your garden, have a look and see what you can find. There might be more than you think!