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Bishop Creighton Academy

TTRockstars Fever!

A new kind of sound is taking BCA by storm!

All the kids of BCA have turned to a new type of entertainment this week. Everywhere you go in the school, classrooms are leaking out the sound of ROCK! 
These aren't the classics though. There's no ACDC, there's no Stairway to Heaven. The kids certainly do need their education. Instead, all that can be heard from classrooms is the tap-tap-tapping of keys.
Yes, this week, TTRockstars fever has gripped BCA, and children all over the school are practicing hard to become the ultimate times table champion!
TTRockstars is an online service which allows pupils to practice their times table skills in a variety of ways. Students can practice in the "garage" (on their own with no pressure), or in a variety of "arenas" where they can compete against their classmates or the world! The clever computer program learns which times tables the student is comfortable with and which they need to practice, and slowly changes the difficulty to ensure best learning. As they play, children can earn "coins", which can be used to purchase different hairstyles, stages or a brand new guitar!

TTRockstars is available both at school and at home, so try logging on over the half-term break. When you get back to school, maybe you will become a ROCK LEGEND!!