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Bishop Creighton Academy

All about adaptation!

Plenty more science going on at BCA this week!

This week's blog is written by Lewis and Maiwand. We have been learning about how different insects are adapted for their environment - some have strong legs, some can fly and some have colourful bodies to blend in with their surroundings. Here is what Maiwand and Lewis had to say about the topic.

In year 4MD we have been learning about bugs and adaptation.
Lewis and Maiwand are going to tell you about it.
Birds eat grasshoppers so that's the main reason why grasshoppers they are green. Being green allows them to blend in with their surroundings so they are more difficult to see.
Grasshoppers also have powerful legs to can jump out the way of birds so fast.

You may have also seen a flower bought home this week. If you looked carefully you would have seen that these flowers were the result of an experiment 4MD has run.

Mr. Dean told us this week that plants act as big, living straws. The roots such up water from the ground, and this is transported all the way through the plant. As water evaporates from the plant, more water is sucked up from the roots and the process continues. To see if Mr. Dean was correct in saying this, we ran an experiment to see how water can move through a plant. Starting with white plants, we kept them in water we had dyed blue. As the water moved through the plants over time, parts of the plants started turning blue! This proved to us that water does move through the plant fom the bottom of the stem all the way to the top, and left us with some beautiful blue flowers to take home!