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Bishop Creighton Academy

Reading Millionaires!

This week we move forward into our new topic and learn some surprising facts about how much we read.

Hello, and welcome back to the blog for our final full term this year!

We're off to a flying start, having already watched "a bugs life" in preparation for our second to last topic this year - "Are bugs important?" This topic will take us through all kinds of learning that's not for the squeamish - learning about animals, plants and of course bugs of all shapes and sizes to answer our question. We've got some great experiments planned, as well as links to plenty of other areas too. With our new topic also comes a new homework grid. Now we're back into the summer weather, get your shorts on and go outside - see how many bugs you can find in your local park or by the river Nene - you might surprise yourself!

Our other exciting topic this week is the continuation of our work on the accelerated reader program. Did you know, every time we do a quiz the computer counts up how many words we read in the book? As it turns out, we have read an amazing 2,067,921 words since the start of the year. That's over two million! Knowing how many words we have read has really spurred us on to ensure we read the most words and take the most quizzes of any class in the school this term. Help us out by reading at home too!

That's all for this week, we'll see you next week!