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Bishop Creighton Academy

Let's go on an adventure!

A little sneak peek of what we have coming up this half term!

Welcome back to year four after our Christmas break!

We’re getting back into the swing of things here at BCA, warming up to our new topic of “Let’s Go On An Adventure!” This term is all about Guatemala, a country in Central America. This was the heartland of the ancient Mayan civilisation – a civilisation that existed 2000 – 3000 years ago! Like the Egyptians, the Mayans were known for building great stone pyramids.

Throughout this topic we will be looking at Mayan culture and finding out what the Mayans believed happened at the creation of the world. The Mayans used puppets to tell their stories, and we are going to use puppets to tell a story about what we have learned! We've already started on this project, and last week we had a go at making our own "tube" puppets.

Click here to watch a sneaky peek of what we've got planned for next week!