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Bishop Creighton Academy

A Shocking Start!

An electrifying "big bang" for our topic.
To warm us up ready for our new topic, we had a big surprise this week! We came into the hall and there was a giant blow up dome! What on earth could it be for?
We were there to learn about our new topic, and an expert came in to show us all some interesting demonstrations all about electricity. We saw how humans conduct electricity (and made a human-chain circuit!) and also got to see a plasma ball, where electricity passes through a special gas. We also learned that you can light up a lightbulb this way, just by touching it! We were having plenty of fun by this point, and we hadn't even gone inside the dome!
After the demonstrations we went inside, and saw for ourselves what the dome was all about. It was very dark inside, and we all sat on the floor as a special projector lit up the roof of the dome. We flew through space, saw all of the planets, learned their names and even learned a little bit about how the sun works! (Did you know the sun occasionally "sneezes"?). We also saw some incredible videos about how electricity forms in nature - in certain conditions rain clouds move together to make thunderstorms, complete with lighting strikes!
We all had a great day, and are looking forward to having a go at making electrical circuits ourselves later in the topic.