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Bishop Creighton Academy

Time to shine!

In a dramatic role reversal, this week saw Year 3 become Teachers! Read on to find out why...

After six weeks of grueling fitness testing, there was only one way to cap off a riveting topic! On Thursday, our wonderful parents were invited in to join both of the Year 3 classes in taking part in our weekly fitness challenges. The emphasis for the pupils was on introducing, teaching and then challenging their parents at each activity station. After some initial hesitation from our parents, the infectious enthusiasm from all of Year 3 took over and before they knew it, everyone was gritting their teeth and putting their bodies to work! It was a wonderful opportunity for all of Year 3 to discuss the changes to their bodies during exercise and record more data to mark their progression across the last six weeks. Please click here to see pictures of a great afternoon.

Unbelievably, another half term has whizzed past! What an incredible theme it has been to ignite intuition and intrigue from our pupils! Thankfully, this is unlikely to relent with the excitement of our upcoming and final theme of the year. After a deserved half term rest, 3SW will be returning to learn about Europe and a specific country study. With so many of our pupils being born in numerous European countries, this promises to be another amazing learning opportunity for pupils and Mr Williams alike!