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Bishop Creighton Academy


After a bank holiday recharging the batteries, 3SW bounced back into the classroom full of energy and excitement about the week ahead...

After settling down from the excitement of last week's unit on playscripts in Literacy, it was time to dive headfirst and fully engross in our new Numeracy topic of subtraction. A week of exploration not only involved discovering mental strategies to subtract from 2 and 3 digit numbers but also involved the revelation that Daniel Bartasevic can do 30 press ups in 30 seconds! It's been fantastic to link our 'Whats Inside Us?' topic into our Numeracy learning!

As well as a focus on mental strategies, our Orange group have been challenged to explain their understanding of different subtraction concepts using a newly introduced bar model approach. It has been great to take those children out of their comfort zone and ultimately deepen their understanding of subtraction. 3SW have not only taken away numbers, but confidence and understanding too!! 

Below are just a few examples of some impressive work in 3SW this week: