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  • Circus Skills Day!

    Published 31/10/18, by Admin

    Roll-up! Roll-up! To kick-start our term, the whole school participated in a circus skills workshop in order to learn something new and have fun! The circus hasn’t been to BCA for a long time, so we used our sport premium funding to provide all children the opportunity to broaden their skill-sets.

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  • Is there life on Mars?

    Published 08/10/18, by Admin

    Is there life on Mars? Year 6 investigate...

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  • Tim Peake Exhibition

    Published 18/09/18, by Admin

    On Tuesday the 18th of September, Year 6 visited Peterborough Cathedral to see the Tim Peake exhibit. 

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  • Roald Dahl Day 2018!

    Published 14/09/18, by Admin

    We celebrated Roald Dahl Day on the 13th September 2018!

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  • Welcome Back!

    Published 07/09/18, by Admin

    Welcome back Year 6, what a magnificent start to the new academic year!

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  • Sports week

    Published 12/07/18, by Admin

    This week has been a week full of sports.

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  • Oundle Science Day

    Published 15/06/18, by Admin

    On Thursday 14th June 6, pupils from year 5 and 6 went to Oundle school for a science fair. We had 4 sessions there, all relating to science.

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  • Problem solving

    Published 06/06/18, by Admin

    Year 5 are well on their way to starting the new term, Miss Greaves has decided to start our maths lesson off with problem solving task.

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  • Humanutopia part two

    Published 22/05/18, by Admin

    This week, Year 5 have been lucky enough to take part in the Humanutopia heroes program. Humanutopia want to create a human paradise or environment where everyone gets along.

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  • Humanutopia

    Published 22/03/18, by Admin

    This week children in Year 5 had the great privilege of meeting the Humanutopia team and working with some Year 10 pupils from CoPA.

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  • New Term. New Topic

    Published 23/02/18, by Admin

    With the start of a new term bring a new topic. Children in year 5 will be learning the poem The Highwayman.

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  • Superhero Graduation

    Published 18/12/17, by Admin

    Last week, children in Year 5 graduated from their superhero program.

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