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Bishop Creighton Academy

Scientists in the making!

Scientists in the Making!

Year 6 have been working hard as scientists!  We have investigated the difference between weight and mass, thought about how astronauts get enough water to live on and also considered whether there is life in soil samples from Mars!

We worked with 3 different soils samples to see if any of them had life in them (microorganisms).  We added sugar and water to our samples and then sat and waited and waited...  Eventually we had to leave them overnight and the next morning, we found that one of the samples had bubbles in it and had changed colour.  We had found life but it smelt really bad! 


We had great fun using Newton metres to find the weight and mass of a number of objects.  We even managed to weigh a Harry Potter book.


How do you think astronauts get their water when they are in space?  We found out that they recycle all the water that they use and we learnt some disgusting facts (ask your child what the astronauts recycle).  We investigated how to get clean water from dirty water, using evaporation and then condensation and managed to get some perfectly clean water.