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Bishop Creighton Academy

Roald Dahl Day

All week, we have been reading about Roald Dahl and discussing his biography.  We found out some very surprising information!  Did you know that he used to be a pilot in the RAF?  Roald DahlOr that both his sister and daughter died at a very young age?  It was Roald Dahl's mother who inspired him to write his own stories, in addition to his own children, for whom he often used to make up fantastical stories.  We all knew lots of different Roald Dahl stories and chose our favourite books. 

We learnt about Roald Dahl's unfinished story which described the eyes of Mr Croaker.  We shared lots of ideas and tried to use imaginative vocabulary to create our own endings to his mystery story.  As part of this, we drew our own mind maps which included lots of information for us to use in our work. 

When we had written our own endings, we worked with our partners to edit and improve our work. 


We hope that our stories are as amazing as Roald Dahl's are to read!