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Bishop Creighton Academy

Sports Day

We had such a fun day in the sun on Monday for our annual Sports Day.

We started the morning thinking about sportsmanship and how to be a good sport, whether we win or lose. It’s no good to be a sore loser! We thought of attitudes and behaviours involved in being a good sport, such as shaking hand with our opponents before or after a match, congratulating the winner, following the rules, not making excuses and working well with our teammates. We knew we would have a good day no matter if we won or lost any races.

After that, we went outside to start our field events. We did a speed bounce and standing long jump, a football dart board shootout, indoor aerobics, a penalty shootout and a javelin throwing event. We could try out all our skills of running, jumping, throwing and kicking. The glorious sunshine lasted the whole morning for all these events.

It was fun to have a picnic lunch on the lawn with our families or friends. We enjoyed chatting and eating before it was time for the track events in the afternoon. Our class had two races: the football dribble and a sprint race. We ran as fast as we could and remembered to congratulate the winner! What a fun but exhausting day!