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Bishop Creighton Academy

Adventure stories take us on a journey

This week, we have been reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo.

It tells the story of a china rabbit named Edward Tulane who faces hardships and calamities. He goes on a journey across the sea and meets many different people. This story is helping us in our understanding of travel and how we relate to the world in our theme ‘UK or USA’. As part of this topic, we did a creative piece of writing this week based on a picture of a pilot on a journey around the world in an aeroplane. The narratives produced by our class were dramatic, tense, uplifting and inspiring. We described in detail what the pilot could see, hear, smell and touch on his journey.

We are also getting good at using maps and atlases to learn more about the world. Each group has chosen a country to learn more about and study the landscape and the benefits of living there, including Portugal, Italy, Brazil, France and India. We will see which group can be the most persuasive to encourage the rest of the class that their country is a great place to live in the world.

We are excited to see where the adventure takes us in the rest of this theme unit!