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Bishop Creighton Academy

Leicester Botanic Gardens

Today (Monday 30th April 2018) Year 5 went on a trip to the Botanic Gardens in Leicester. What a wonderful experience! We learnt all about plants and animal life cycles. The Botanic Gardens aim to bring a global perspective to the curriculum, especially in environmental and development issues and they have been awarded the Learning Outside the Classroom (LoTC) quality badge and the Growing Schools awards.

On Monday 30th April Year 5 visited Leicester Botanic Gardens. The botanic garden is distinguished from all other types of garden or park by engaging in scientific research and education.At Leicester, botanical research has been carried out since 1921, when the forerunner of the University (the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland College) was founded. 

Initiated by the late Professor Tom Tutin, the main research focus at the Botanic Garden has been on floristics (cataloguing and describing the species in a geographical region) and taxonomy (classification). 

The plant collections and landscape features make this garden one of the most diverse in the region. The water features and sculptures are particularly pleasing and add character to the setting. 

It is the perfect place for a pleasant walk and there are benches for those who simply wish to relax and admire the surroundings. Variety is the key to this garden's strength.

We participated in a variety of activities whilst we were at the Botanic Gardens. We investigated trees, created seeds from clay, created our own helicopter seeds, investigated the life cycle of plants and animals and also went pond dipping. What a fantastic experience!