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Bishop Creighton Academy

Maths week!

This week is Maths week, the focus is on developing maths skills that often is an area of the curriculum that can be challenging for some students. Maths Week gives us the chance to work together, share ideas about effective practice, promote the importance of maths skills – and have fun at the same time!

This week Year 5RC have been incorporating maths into as many subjects as we possibly can. We have used ICT to research maths games and play maths games online. We applied our research to create our own maths games with a partner. Amongst some of the games children created were; monopoly, bingo, snakes and ladders and sudoku. 

"I loved creating my own game, it was so much fun and i love maths, maths is my favourite subject"


"It was interesting researching and then making the game, it made it better for me to learn"


In our class we also applied our numeracy skills in art. We used mirrors to investigate lines of symmetry, we then used mirrors to draw the other side of the object or shape. If you can reflect (or flip) a figure over a line and the figure appears unchanged, then the figure has reflection symmetry or line symmetry. The line that you reflect over is called the line of symmetry. A line of symmetry divides a figure into two mirror-image halves. Some of use drew the other side of our faces, others drew the other side of a shape. 

Have a look through our photo albums to view our activities and all the fun we have been having this week during maths week!