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Bishop Creighton Academy

Traveling back in time

On Friday, Year 3 and year 4 stepped back in time to venture on a quest at the 2017 Heritage Festival at Peterborough Cathedral.
Our day began with a secsret scroll and a tale of a mystery ring... The children were set a challenge to find out all about the ring and where it had been in time. This was  the tale of Saint Oswald - a kind man, whose arm was blessed by a Saint. Legend has it the arm would not rot after his death; people from all over the land would come to Peterborough see the arm.
Sadly, the ring had gone missing. It was part of our mission to find out what the ring looked like and who had been seen wearing it. We had to travel to four different decades of time.
When visiting the medieval times we learnt all about the instruments played. We even got to take part in a traditional dance.
During our time with the romans we found out that in order to become a roman solider you were not able to be married.
The Vikings showed us how to take part in a battle using a shield to protect ourselves.
While the Stuarts discussed fabrics and how to create new coloured dyes. Black was an expensive colour and if you were able to have black trimming on your outfit you were very rich indeed.