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Bishop Creighton Academy

Wicked book week

This week children in Year 4 celebrated world book day. We were lucky enough to have a range of activities that lasted the whole week.
The first day was Monday,
normally such a dull day.
Charley is a wonderful poet,
and helped us though we didn’t know it.
Tuesday was Pancake Day,
there was no flipping to be done at school.
Some children wanted to play,
but our literacy lesson was really cool.
Today we read a book about home,
and created a piece of drama.
Everybody would moan and groan,
as they wanted to get in their pyjama.
Thursday we dressed up as Wally,
We were covered in red and white stripes.
This is very confusing said Mollie,
staring at all the tights.
Now the end of the week is here,
we have all really tried our best.
Everybody decided to cheer,
so Miss Greaves gave them a test.
Happy book week By 4LG