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Bishop Creighton Academy

Dice skills in maths

Children in Miss Greaves numeracy have been using their number skills to compete against each other to complete a real life game.
What an interesting week of learning for Miss Greaves numeracy class. Children were using the knowledge of number, place value and addition to complete a mini game of snakes and ladders. They learnt how to take turns, which is a skill that is often forgotten.
Once they landed on a square the children had to pick a three digit number and answer the question.
Is your number odd?
How many ones?
Add 100 to your number?
What is 300 less than your number?
What has really helped some of the children this week is accessing doodle maths. Remember all children in Miss Greaves class have their very own log in and can assess a range of questions linked to their ability for maths. See the class teacher for more information.
Well done to Taiba who is current top on our class leader board.