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Bishop Creighton Academy

Going on an adventure

Today in Miss Greaves literacy lesson year 4 went exploring.
First we went to an old, lonely house. It was situated at the far end of our playground, through what seemed like a deep, dark forest. The house was dark, the cobwebs glistened. Luckily Miss Greaves didn’t see the huge, hairy spiders.
Next we trekked through the soggy grassland. Our feet were damp and cold. All around us was empty fields, dead trees as tall as giants. The leaves crunched under our feet, shouting at us, telling us not to continue our journey.
At the end of the trail we saw the pond. Our imagination took us to a lake, a dirty, smelly lake. We thought we saw a monster, but it turned out to be an insect. Our imaginations were running wild.
As quick as a flash, we were back in the classroom. Warm, safe and back to writing all about where we had just been. We hope we don’t go exploring again.