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Bishop Creighton Academy

Pete's Dragon

Last week saw year 4 visit the cinema
Last week the whole of Year 4 took part in a fantasist film festival. We had an exciting opportunity to see a new film called Pete's Dragon.This gave the children the chance to learn about traditional tales and how they are brought to life on the big screen.
Upon arriving back to school children write a review and entered a writing competition.
Firstly I would like to say I was really impressed with the movie Pete's Dragon. The worst part of the film was when the men went hunting for the dragon. The best part of it all was when the boy went to see the his dragon with his new family. I cried a little.
By Hannah
I loved the film so much that I even cried a little. My friend Arnsa was sad too. I was impressed with the whole thing because it was so amazing. I felt like I was part of the story.
By Naglis
I really enjoyed watching Pete's dragon because it was exciting, emotional and nerve wracking.
By Stenli
With such wonderful reviews lets hope we win some prizes too.