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Bishop Creighton Academy

Inspiring poetry workshop

Poetry day saw year 4 bring poetry to life.
During poetry day we were lucky enough to have a drama specialist in school. He taught us how to adapt a poem to be performed to the whole school. First we had to learn how to work in teams and improvise. One task was to become a tree.
Next we learnt how to project our voice. This was important as the audience needed to be able to hear the words over the acting. The poem we were looking at was about a mammoth.
After that we moved on to becoming the mammoth. Each person had their part to play.
With such an amazing workshop the children were inspired to create their  own poems in the style of the mammoth poem.
Once we were younger then we are today,
Once we were year three,
Once we put our hands up to have our say.
Now we learn and see.
Once we sang a song to loud.
Now the teacher sings.
Once we learned our swimming proud.
Now we wait until spring.
Once we made experiment fun.
Now all we do is run.
Once we made things messy
Now the teacher gives us pressies.
By Arnis Year 4