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Bishop Creighton Academy

Do try this at home!

New term, new clubs and this year we have Year 4 attending a science club.
With a new term beginning it’s wonderful to see so many children attending this year’s science club. Miss Greaves has some interesting experiments for us to try out throughout this term.
This week we had to create our own straw water gun.
Follow the instructions and DO TRY THIS AT HOME!
What you need
  1. a drinking straw
  2. a friend
  3. a ruler
  4. Scissors
  5. sticky tape
  6. saucer of water
  1. The challenge is to lift the water from the saucer using a straw but without sucking.
  2. Get your ruler and cut your drinking straw into two pieces: one 3cm long and one 5cm long.
  3. Join the pieces together with sticky tape along one side so they form a 90 degree angle, but leave both ends open.
  4. Stand the smaller end of the straw in the saucer of water.
  5. Now blow hard!
Results & explanation
When air moves, its pressure falls. So when you blow, the pressure at the top of the straw drops. But the air over the saucer keeps the same pressure, so the water is pushed up the straw.