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Bishop Creighton Academy

Sprinting, skipping and sports day surprises!

Despite the rain, Year 3 had a great time at sports day...
After what seemed like a bright start to the day Year 3 were beaming with excitement. The races had begun. It didn’t take long for the rain to show. That didn’t stop us appreciating the races.
Cheering and chanting the children were encouraging their friends and family members. Eventually, the time had come for our race. Who was the fastest boy in 3LG? We needed to know who the fastest girl was. Our first race was the sprint race. On your marks… Get set… GO!
We all supported each other and we were reminded how to show good sportsmanship. Before long, it was our turn to race again. This time we raced using the skipping ropes. It was really hard to skip and race against others. Megan was so excited to win the skipping race. “I never win races, I can’t believe I won. My mum will be so proud.”
Finally,  we convinced the teachers to race. Miss Greaves entered and we decide to cheer her on. We soon realised that she wasn’t going to win. “I did cheer for Miss Greaves, but I saw Miss Snell winning so I decide to cheer for her instead,” explained Hannah. Oh well better luck next time Miss Greaves. It’s the taking part that counts.