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Bishop Creighton Academy

Read All About It!

Come and read all about our learning...
In literacy we have been learning about newspaper articles. We learnt a lot of new vocabulary and we are now able to point out many features including; headlines, by-lines, pictures and captions. As a class we decided that we can keep up to date with world news by watching newsround. Click here for the link to the website.  
Our learning skills this week were linked to asking and answering questions just like real journalists do! Not only did we create different sentence starters, we learnt how to find the answers using books, computers and our working wall.
In our theme lessons, we have started learning about healthy eating. We found out about balanced diets and we convinced others to eat healthy foods by using drama techniques. Did you know that there is the equivalent to nice cubes of sugar in one can of cola? Click here to find out more about sugar allowances for children.
With this in mind, the challenge for this week is to find out about how much sugar is in the different food we eat. Perhaps next week we can write a newspaper article to demonstrate our learning!