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Bishop Creighton Academy

Smile Please!

To have a healthy body you need to keep your teeth clean. This week we have been finding out how.
This week in Year 3 our focus has been on keeping our teeth healthy. It was interesting to discover how many teeth children have (20) compared to adults who have 32. Do you know all the names for your teeth? Where are your molars? We learnt the correct name for each tooth and Angel compared the canine teeth to a vampire’s pointy smile! Miss Greaves demonstrated, with real tooth brushes, the best ways to keep our teeth healthy and clean. Click here for a demonstration video.
As part of our science work we conducted an experiment to look at the effects of different liquids on our teeth. We used eggs to represent the teeth because the shells acts like the enamel on our teeth. Did you know enamel protects our teeth? This investigation is something you could do yourself at home if you follow these simple instructions.
How to carry out the egg/ teeth experiment.
What effect does orange juice or milk have on our teeth? Do you want to know how to conduct this science experiment? Read on to learn how!
You will need:
6 hard-boiled eggs, 6 plastic cups, 100ml of… milk, orange juice, cola, vinegar, water and squash.
*Place the eggs into the plastic cups.
*Pour 100ml of milk into one of the cups.
*Repeat this with each of the different liquids.
*Leave for a week and observe any changes to the eggs
Which do you think will affect the shell of the egg most?
Visit our blog next week to see the results.