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Bishop Creighton Academy

Clarinet lessons in Year 5

This term, children in Year 5 have started to learn the clarinet.

This term, children in Year 5 have started to learn the clarinet.

  • First they learnt how to place the reed on to the mouth piece of the clarinet.
  • Next they were taught how to build rest of the instrument.
  • After that they were shown how to correctly blow into the mouth piece.

At first the sound they made was dreadful, Miss Greaves was speechless. However, they soon got the hang of it with some practice they now make the “E” sound. Did you know to make the notes you must cover the holes with the fingers on your left hand?

Once they achieved creating the “E” sound perfectly, the Clarinet teacher taught the children their next note. Not surprisingly, the children are extremely proud of themselves. They are looking forward to the rest of their lessons.

Thank you to Mrs Thompson for organising it. Why not take a look at our photo gallery to see us in action!

Written by Courey and Edon.