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Bishop Creighton Academy

What Happens Inside Us?

Hello and welcome back after the Easter Break!

A new term, a new topic! This time, we'll be looking at "What Happens Inside Us" - a fascinating and sometimes gruesome topic which looks at all of the things that happen inside us to keep us fit, healthy and well. Some of the highlights we have to look forward to are learning about teeth (and how to brush them effectively), our hearts, our muscles and (most disgusting of all!) our digestive system.

To start the topic off, year 4 spent a morning this week on a high-intensity training circuit. At each stop on the circuit, we completed a different high intensity workout - from bench stepping to star jumping - before measuring our vital signs. We measured our heartbeats by finding our pulse and noted down how we were breathing. Other observations were also made - why do we get hot and sweaty when we work out? Why do we feel more awake and energised during, but have sore muscles afterwards?

We look forward to analysing this data over the coming weeks and finding out exactly how the exercise we did affected our heart rates. We'll also learn about why! Until our analysis is complete, however, enjoy the pictures below of a very worn out year 4!