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Bishop Creighton Academy

Athletics Success!

Some speedy young tigers have been competing today!

Today, the Tigers were invited to an athletics event at another trust school - Stanground Academy. We would be competing in a range of track and field events against a whole range of schools from around the area. We were all very excited, but early this morning we deployed our secret weapon.

Every Wednesday, the Tigers have a P.E. lesson which is taught by the Stanground coaches. Knowing they would be there at the event later that day, we asked really nicely if they would be able to sneak in in some last minute training for us. And they did! We spent the morning practicing our events, making sure we knew exactly how to make the most of the events we were about to compete in. By the time we got on the coach, we were a well oiled machine!

When we arrived, we were quick to show a strong display of team spirit. Everyone had remembered their P.E. kits and as a result we looked fabulous in a sea of purple. Our events came next, and the girls and the boys limbered up and headed to their events.

I'm pleased to say we think we did quite well! The results of the day haven't yet been announced,  but we feel confident in both our track and field performances. Despite being one of the smallest groups there (especially our boys team!) our athletes gave it their all and secured some pretty convincing wins in a good number of the events!

A huge thank you to everyone who made the day possible! Thanks to Stanground coaches for organising the event, to the Stanground pupils for giving up their time to support and thanks to all of year four for really giving it their all in both races and moral support!