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Bishop Creighton Academy

New chocolate, and the perils of eating too much...

This week, the Tigers have been working on their very own chocolate brands.

Surely everyone has wanted to be a chocolate designer at some point right? It sounds like the dream job to me - spending hours cooking up bizarre new inventions to test out on the public, only to strike the perfect balance and become a millionaire. It might never happen, but I can dream, right?

That's exactly what the Tigers have been doing this week - designing their very own chocolate! On Monday, we'll be having a real chocolatier visit us to take us through the process of making real chocolate. Before that, however, we need to design and make the packaging!

So far this week we have designed our own questionaire and taken it to a panel of experts (other chocolate loving children) to find out exactly what kinds of sweets and chocolate sell the best. Once we've analysed all of the data, we'll be able to make a decision about what kind of chocolate we should make to ensure that we make the most money! The pictures below show us hard at work, tune in next week to find out next week exactly what we come up with!

This week we have also conducted an experiment to show exactly what happens to your teeth if you eat too much sugar and don't brush your teeth well. Knowing that eggs are made out of the same substance as teeth, we put some eggshells into different liquids - water (as a control), sugar water, cola and vinegar (to simulate the acid buildup of not brushing). So far, the experiment has been a huge success, however the resulting eggshells have been deemed "too gross" to post on a school blog! It should say enough, however, that the Tigers are now infinitely more keen to brush their teeth! Not pleasant!