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Bishop Creighton Academy

Chocolate & Calories

Today, the tigers brought science and P.E. together to find out exactly how the engery in our food affects us.

We all need energy - everything we do requires energy to do it. From running, jumping, skipping or just breathing and thinking, our bodies need a constant supply of energy to keep us happy and healthy. Too little energy and we'll start feeling hungry and weak. Too much and our body will store it as fat instead. But where does this energy come from? How much is in our food? When do we know we've had enough? Those were the key questions explored by the Tigers today.

First, we needed to take a look at our food packaging. On the back, often tucked away out of sight, is a confusing table labelled "Nutrition Information". There, you can find a wealth of information about the food you are about to eat, including the amount of energy (measured in calories) it contains. The Tigers looked at a whole range of different chocolate bars before collecting a table to show how many calories were in a single serving of different chocolates. Once we knew that, we could do some tricky maths to work out how much exercise we would need to do to use up all that energy and burn off all those calories!

The amount of calories in a range of chocolate bars

Chocolate Bar Calories Exercise needed

Galaxy "Salted Caramel" Edition

126 40 minutes

Chocologic "No Added Sugar"

67 21 minutes

Green & Blacks Milk Chocolate

57 18 minutes

Green & Blacks Dark Chocolate

60 19 minutes

Tesco Value Plain Chocolate

104 33 minutes

Tesco Value Milk Chocolate

108 35 minutes

After all that hard work, we felt we deserved a reward and what better than some chocolate?! Everyone chose their favourite and tucked in. Then, to get a feel for just how much energy is packed into such tiny squares of chocolate, we exercised for as long as we needed to burn all that energy off. Those people with a craving for Galaxy slogged it out for a full 40 minutes! Check out the photos below to see us working!