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Bishop Creighton Academy

Can you hear me now?

The Tigers have been using vibrations through materials to help them communicate.

Today the Tigers came across something that fascinated them. As part of our learning about light and sound, we have been finding out that it's not just air that sound can travel through.

We all know that sound can travel through air. We use this every day when we talk to people - Mr Dean would definitely find it much harder to teach if sound didn't travel through air! Did you know though that sound can also travel through other materials? Sit quietly and listen - you can probably hear a range of sounds around you, all of which are travelling through your windows or doors.

Now try an experiment - put your ear on the table, and gently move a pencil across the top. Can you hear it? That's because the vibrations that the pencil is making when moving can travel through the table itself.

And that brings us back to the old favourite - string telephones. Using wire and plastic cups, we were able to whisper to each other across great distances. Even better, because we were whispering, nobody else around could hear!

We plan on replacing the teacher walkie-talkie system very soon with a complex relay of wire and cups!