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Bishop Creighton Academy

Humanutopia: Heroes!

The tigers have spent the afternoon doing something  a little bit different today. This afternoon, we were invited to take part in the Humanutopia project  following Heroes Training for our Year 6's...

Humanutopia is a project designed around children, aimed at training children to become mentors for each other. Their focus is on showing the children that how people act towards you is often determined by your own behaviour. If you are negative, unkind or don't participate, other people will tend to leave you out. However, if you are positive, outgoing and kind, you are showing that you can be the sort of person that people want to be friends with. Our Year 6's have been hard - learning key life skills, such as working together, being reponsible, citizenship and being a good role model and today, they were ready to pass this on to the Tigers.

As a teacher, I thought it was great seeing so many older pupil's from our very own academy stepping up and being leaders. What I noticed most is how easily and naturally they took control of a group and made sure everyone was learning, taking part and having fun. The real message of the day though was delivered by one of our very own Tigers. At the end of the session, some Year 4 children were asked to stand up and let the Year 6's know what they thought of the day. Here is what Kyle said:

"At first I didn't like it because sometimes some Year 6's are very silly and I don't like being around that. This time though they were sensible and kind and that made me really happy."