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Bishop Creighton Academy

Ready, Aim, Fire!

This week year 4 have been making and testing their very own catapults!

Hello and welcome to the year 4 blog. Today's blog is bought to you by Gergana, Michelle and Maryam. They're going to tell you all about our recent lesson when we built our very own Roman catapults!

Hi my name is Gergana I thought that the previous lesson was suprisingly fun making catapults we also tested our experiment and some of ours worked over to you Michelle.

I think that the test was really fun and we got to test it out plus it was sucessful. Over to you Maryam.

My personal opinion about the catapult making experiment is that it worked. It was really cool. We got to make the craft. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Thank you

Check out out most recent photo gallery for some shots of us building and testing our catapults! We learned a lot about forces and motion, as well as having lots of fun!

Stay tuned, as next week we'll be taking a trip to Peterborough museum!