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Bishop Creighton Academy

Set sail for year 4!

Welcome to the first blog post from the new year 4!

Hello and welcome to the year 4 blog! My name is Mr. Dean and I am delighted to be taking this class in year 4! New website, new faces and new classrooms abound!


This week, I thought I'd tell you all about our first topic for this year. We are looking at "Why do we speak English at school?" This topic looks at all of the civilisations that have come to or invaded Britain in the past, and how this rich and detailed history has lead to Britain today. The language we speak, the roads we travel on and the counties we live in are all affected by this exciting topic, and we will be exploring a range of influences as we progress through the topic.

Most recently, year 4 have been studying the Romans, and how their empire (stretching all the way from Italy!) affected us. As well as looking at accounts of invasions and wars, we have also been studying how the Romans reached our shores. Looking in depth at how boats function, we have designed, built and tested our very own boats in the classroom! This has allowed us to find out how the Romans travelled across the seas, and work out how they would have maximised their chances of success.


Plenty more to come this half term, along with an exciting trip to the museum which you will hear more about very soon!