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Bishop Creighton Academy

Our vet visit!

Olivia and Gergana have written this week's blog. Read on to find out what they thought of our exciting vet visit... 

Olivia: On Wednesday 21st June a vet came to talk to Wovles class. 

Gergana: She told us about her life as a vet. She was kind and gentle like she is with animals. 

Olivia: Year 3 asked some questions to the vet. Solaiman (aged 8) asked "What is the biggest/smallest animal you have treated?"

Gergana: We asked lots of questions like 'How do you know what the problem is?' and 'Who inspired you to be a vet?' She was very kind to us and I enjoyed it so much.

Mr Williams: The class did the school proud by listening attentively and asking interesting questions relating to what our visitor was talking about. Wolves class' kind and caring nature definitely lends itself to a job centred around helping others. A big thank you to our visitor from Vets4Pets for taking time out of her busy schedule to inspire young minds in the local community!