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Bishop Creighton Academy

Smooth as you like!

Wolves class put their weighing skills to the test when making their own fruit smoothies!

After the excitement of sharing a watermelon with the class on my birthday in January I was keen to involve fruit and healthy eating in our learning again. 

A perfect opportunity arose when beginning a week weighing, adding, subtracting and comparing grams and kilograms. Wolves class were challenged to weigh and measure the correct mass for each ingredient. Once all of the ingredients, including banana, frozen berries and ice, were weighed and recorded, our experts then headed to the blender to create their smoothie! 

After reading their evaluations, Wolves class had mixed reviews. Some loved the healthy smoothie with all of their favourite fruits in; others found it a little too sharp and cold. Most importantly, all evaluated and expressed their own opinion in a thoughtful and mature manner. 


Deep in concentration as they accurately read their scales in order to follow their recipe! 

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