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Bishop Creighton Academy

Wolves class rock out!

With a fortnight's focus on multiplication and division, Wolves class have 'gone to town' on their times table knowledge!

For the past two weeks Wolves class have turned their attention to multiplication and division. Supporting this has been the exceptionally motivational TT Roctstars. This is an online game where pupils have their own character and get coins for every correct question they answer. They can test themselves against the questions the teacher has set or play against one another to really spice up the competition. Wolves class were set the challenge to see who could get the most points in a week. After a hotly contested race, Aiste finally pipped Courey and Elizabeth to the TT Rockstar championship. Aiste amassed over 22,000 coins in the week! (You get 10 coins per correct answer, you do the Maths!) 

The importance of times table fluency was ever so apparent when they were introduced to the grid method of multiplication for the first time. Their confidence in their tables directly transferred into their multiplication of 2 digit numbers and ones. Don't believe me? Check out Maryam's work below as one of many examples of super work:

Maryam tackling the grid method with aplomb before getting her teeth stuck into an investigative multiplication problem. Well done Maryam!