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Bishop Creighton Academy

The Master Puppeteer

Why was a Puppet show in town to perform to Years 1-4? Read on to find out what all the fuss was about! 

This Tuesday Years 1 to 4 had the BIG BANG to their topic unit they had all been waiting for!

Since Christmas Year 3 and 4 have been delving into another anicent world, the Mayan civilisation in Guatemala. We have been studying the location of Guatemala and finding out how and where the Mayans built their early civilisations. I'm sure I won't be the only one dreaming of a Central American trip to Tikal National Park! During our lessons we have learnt that Mayans used to tell stories of their Gods through the use of puppets.  

That's where the Norwich Puppet Theatre Company come in. These guys came in on Tuesday to show us their production of the Hans Christian Anderson classic 'The Tinderbox'. The children were spell bound as a wide range of puppets and props sprung to life to tell the fascinating story. We were even lucky enough to have time for a question and answer session with the puppeteers who gave us an insight into the way the puppets worked and interestingly, their favourite puppets to operate. 

It was a wonderful way to show our pupils the effectiveness puppets can have in telling stories, even today. Needless to say, they've talked about nothing else since! I can't wait for them to start planning and making their own puppets later in the topic. Stay tuned for that!

Years 1-4 gripped by the show infront of them!