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Bishop Creighton Academy

Wolves class switch on!

At a time of the year where 'light switch ons' are rife, Wolves class were tasked to make their own!

After a super half term learning about electricity, it was time for Wolves class to incorporate switches into their circuits. It was an amazing experience to see, make and test the science that makes an everyday light come to life! Building on our work of making complete circuits, pupils were tasked to make their own switch using paper clips and paper fasteners. In depth discussion followed as the students worked in teams to test and debug their circuits. 

Later in the week, Wolves class put their new skills to a practical test when they lit up their very own drawings. Pupils switched their lights on to scenes of tidy bedrooms, busy living rooms, bustling streets and Christmas decorations. What a brilliant week of science! 

No lone Wolves in our class!