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Bishop Creighton Academy

Wolves class from all over the world!

This week Wolves class took full advantage of the wide range of nationalities we have in our class to improve our understanding! Read on to find out how...

This week we have started a really exciting unit on Traditional Tales from around the World. We begun by exploring a range of texts from a whole host of countries. Our learning was also supported by our class bringing in traditional tales from their countries of birth. Aiste brought in a traditional tale from Lithuania, Gergana from Bulgaria, Michelle and Olivia from Poland, and Hadia from Asia. What an asset to be able to call upon their own countries texts to broaden our whole classes understanding. 

Later in the week our focus turned to the adventures of Anansi the Spider, a traditional tale originating in Ghana but now enjoyed across the world. We focussed specifically on the setting of the book with the view to write out own by the end of the week. To support our learning we took advantage of our super outdoor learning environment we have at school. This ensured our settings came to life and were much more than a fictional tale. We were able to explore our outdoor pond area to create a new setting for Anansi to explore and come across his next victim, the poisonous frog! 

I have picked out a thoughtful and beautifully presented piece of writing from Aiste in our class. It's safe to say I was spoilt for choice! 

Super writing Aiste!

Wolves class exploring the outdoor pond!