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Bishop Creighton Academy

Digging up the past!

As Wolves class come to the end of a fascinating topic on builders of the past, they had their very own experience of being archaeologists!

After hearing news of an archaeological discovery on the school field, Wolves class quickly assembled themselves in to teams of archaeologists and headed out to investigate. With trowels in hand, the teams of archaeologists took it in turns to unearth a whole host of historic artefacts whilst the other teams searched our field for more historic clues. 

The archaeologists took no time to delve into deep discussion about the artefacts being discovered. 

"I think this is from the stone age!" Charlie

"I think it would have been used as a weapon or to cut stone" Zakir

"I found a toy, this isn't from the past!" Olivia

"I've found a coin, I wonder what year it's from. I'm going to look" Amina

Despite the buzz of excitement as our teams got to work, they also recognised the importance of recording their findings on a detailed enquiry sheet to make sure no stone was unturned.

Next week, Wolves class will bring together everything they have learnt in our Literacy unit to recount this memorable afternoon. I can't wait! 

Have a great weekend,

Mr Williams