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Bishop Creighton Academy


3SW progress to 3 digit numbers without a bat of an eyelid!

In the midst of all the changes our class have had to cope with in coming into Year 3 and KS2, one of the most seamless transitions has been the way they have adapted to the Year 3 Numeracy curriculum. After the first two weeks of consolidating our understanding of place value, this week we quickly progressed to adding and subtracting to and from 3 digit numbers.

We explored visual representations using base 10 (see image below) and then applied our knowledge mentally using empty number lines as support. We loved applying this knowledge in various contexts including codebreaker activities and even making calculations to find out how many people came from local villages to help build the Great Pyramid of Giza thousands of years ago. Links to our topic like this have really engaged and inspired us! 

Have a great weekend.

Mr Williams

3SW working hard to model an addition sum using base 10