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Bishop Creighton Academy

Snozcumber sandwiches!

This week 3SW joined the school in celebrating 100 years since the birth of Roald Dahl!

3SW thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a school wide Roald Dahl competition launched by Mrs Metcalfe. Pupils were tasked with creating, making and baking their very own chocolate drinks, cookies and cakes. With the healthy eating police turning a blind eye, 3SW set to work to create their Willy Wonka inspired treats. This was a fantastic way for pupils and parents alike to get their creative juices flowing.

After an extensive tasting and judging session, Mrs Metcalfe, our school chef and plenty of other willing 'tag alongs' made a decision on an overall winner and a winner for each year group. The eagerly awaited results were revealed in Friday afternoon's assembly where all those that took part were rewarded for their efforts. A big congratulations to 3SW's winner, Rubi-Lee, who will join Mrs Metcalfe and the other successful year group winners in a trip to see the new BFG film at the cinema next Thursday. What a fantastic reward and experience for those lucky pupils! 


Rubi-Lee made chocolate treats and a drink!